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We all choose to express ourselves in different ways; this is what makes each of us original! Some of us may produce artwork while others cook innovative meals, set new fashion trends, or write stories. It’s important to be passionate about something and the creative possibilities are endless!

The Born Creative blog is designed to share unique inspiration that will motivate us all to discover the potential we have within ourselves.

Michelle Gray

Michelle Gray

Founder/Graphic Designer

While Michelle is most passionate about graphic design, she also has a love for interior design, healthy living, and different ways to keep our busy lives organized. She is otherwise a morning person, tea enthusiast, and avid reader who lives in Rhode Island.

Brian Fischer

Brian Fischer

Developer/Guest Writer

Brian is a web designer/front end developer that channels his creativity into assembling intricate Minecraft worlds, concocting delicious recipes, and building LEGO sets. He is also a car enthusiast, has a burger obsession, and can always be found browsing Reddit.

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