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With my wedding in mind, a major health goal for myself this year is to tone up my body and be mindful of what I’m eating. As I began my healthier lifestyle this past month, I picked up Fern Green’s striking book of recipes titled Green Smoothies. Contrary to the title, this book contains recipes not only for smoothies but also juices, nut milks, and tonics too. I’ve enjoyed making myself the occasional smoothie over the past couple years but have only stuck to a few ingredients. Fern Green has opened up my eyes (and taste buds) with clean alternatives that are both sweet and savory!

As soon as you open up this simplistic recipe book, you’re given a detailed list of super greens and what nutritional benefits you’ll receive from each and every one. Right from the start, I learned something new about some of my favorite veggies which made me excited to continue reading on. (I had no idea brussels sprouts could cure ulcers!) Then, there is a 7-day juice detox plan that was created using only recipes throughout the following pages which is a great addition.

Drinking to Your Health | Green Smoothies by Fern Green Book Review |

Aside from the bright photography, every single recipe is laid out beautifully; the designer in me was very pleased. Each drink has a unique title and is described by a sweet or savory flavor profile. There is a flat-lay photo of the ingredients, as well as a written list and the instructions. Every single recipe is shown in it’s final mixed state and has nutritional benefits labeled correspondingly. I really enjoy the fact that if I need a smoothie that is skin enhancing, I can quickly flip through based on the consistency of this book and find a recipe that suits my needs.

I’ve tried several of these drinks so far as morning meal replacements or a pick-me-up after working out. So far, my favorite has been the Strawberry Joy smoothie. It is anti-oxidizing, fat flushing, and digestion enhancing and full of vitamin K which helps build strong bones and reduce inflammation. Being very sweet and refreshing, I enjoy this in the morning as my breakfast for the day and replace the water with almond milk for added protein.

Drinking to Your Health | Strawberry Joy Smoothie |

Green Smoothies by Fern Green is a vibrant and inspirational book that is organized beautifully and provides an abundance of useful information. With that in mind, I’m rating this recipe book 4.5 out of 5 stars! If it had included a full nutritional benefit list for fruit and stated how long the drinks would last after made, the book would’ve received 5 stars hands down. Either way, Fern created a lovely book that has made me excited to try new drink varieties!

Please note, I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.

As you can probably tell, I may only have time to post once a week from this point on but I want to keep all you creatives in the loop! If there are any specific types of posts you’d like to see please make your request in the comments below!

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