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Hey, everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great start to the year and have been working on your 2016 goals. At the beginning of January, I started working full-time again so please excuse my absence! One of my personal goals for the year was to begin planning our wedding. Brian and I are in a unique situation because we want to get married in Fall 2017 and have quite a while to go. Though, for someone who’s never planned a party in her life, I have felt a bit lost and wondering where do I even begin?

I knew the venue was my top priority since we need to set an actual date and book our location. But, where do I find venues? I began doing some online research and quickly became overwhelmed. My sister suggested to go to bridal shows – in New England they all seem to take place in January. So far, I’ve been to two shows this month and attending proved to be extremely beneficial! If you’re like me and this is the first task your attacking, I’ve got some tips to keep in mind!

Bring Water – There are plenty of samples to try while browsing vendor booths and you will absolutely need a drink, so bring along a bottle of water.

Dress Comfortably – You’re going to be on your feet for 1-2 hours so wear a pair of sneakers and leave your jackets behind because it gets warm.

Create Labels – Almost every booth wants you to write down your information. Be prepared and print out labels beforehand with the important contact info so you’re not wasting 10 minutes filling out a card. (I didn’t do this and really wish I had!)

Take Information – Even if you’re not interested in certain booths or vendors, take their informational packets anyway. Once you get home and you have a chance to look through everything you may find some hidden inspiration!

After attending two bridal shows, I’m in no way an expert nor do I ever intend to be but I do have a success story of sorts! I went into these shows solely looking for venue options and was a bit disappointed in the lack of information. While walking through I noticed a photographer that had pictures displayed at several locations I admired. Little did I realize, this was absolutely the perfect photographer for us! We haven’t officially booked her yet, but after speaking for the past week we know she’s the one. Here are some quick shots I took of other inspirational booths throughout both days.

Let the Wedding Planning Begin | Bridal Expo Inspiration |

It’s exciting to see things beginning to fall into place and I can’t wait to give you more details as plans become finalized. Taking the time to attend these bridal expo’s absolutely got me excited to plan our wedding when I initially felt overwhelmed. I highly suggest this as a starting point but if there aren’t any happening in your area at this time, buy some wedding magazines and start a realistic Pinterest board! Now, I have quite a large stack of vendor information to sort through and I should start sooner rather than later! 😉

Have you ever been to a bridal expo and did you hire anyone you met there? Share in the comments!

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