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I’m the most productive when all my thoughts are sorted out on paper. As I began blogging more often, I needed a better system for getting all my post details down on paper in logical order. I wanted some sort of organized sheet that could contain all my ideas for a specific blog topic in one place and possibly have a checklist included too; there is so much that goes into one post and it’s easy to forget to do something. I immediately searched Pinterest for a freebie from another blogger, but nothing appealed to me or included everything I was looking for. I decided to create my own blog post organization sheet and since it’s been working out wonderfully for me, I’m sharing it with you!

The “New Blog Post” sheet has areas for you to get your general idea down, the target post date, title ideas and plenty of space for notes and sketches. There is a basic checklist that includes the five major tasks every blogger should be doing as well as room for additional to-do lists. Download the free printable here.

FREE PRINTABLE - Blog Post Organization Sheet & Checklist

I’ve grown accustomed to using project sheets for my design projects so it seemed like a no-brainer to have a blog organization sheet as well. I hope this freebie will help you become more productive and focused – please share your feedback in the comments!

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