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Now that it is May, we are almost half-way through the year of 2015! It’s a great time to reflect on what goals you’ve accomplished and the areas you are still trying to focus on. One of my favorite vloggers, Nikki Phillippi, has created a series on her Youtube channel called “make it happen May.” This series encourages viewers to go after their dreams and offers a community of support. By using the hashtag #makeithappenmay everyone can discuss what they are trying to achieve and motivate one another.

I feel this is a great opportunity to focus on something I’ve wanted to do for at least three years, design my own greeting card line!

Anytime I’ve tried starting this project in the past, I always found an excuse to put it off. The honest reason I’ve failed to start designing my own greeting card line is because I’ve constantly doubted myself. I always struggle with my own negative thoughts, for example, what if no one likes my work? Although, I’ll never really know if anyone likes my designs if I don’t put myself out there, which is why I need to make this happen.


Greeting cards I designed while in college with matching wrapping paper.


I think when trying to start a dream of yours, it’s crucial to remember why you originally wanted to do it. For me, I find the artwork and words people choose to send via greeting cards displays how much they care. My hope is that by receiving one of my cards, it’ll put a smile on someone’s face. With the supportive “make it happen May” community, I am inspired to begin working on this project, even if I only produce one card!

I plan on sharing my progress with you as the month carries on and will continue motivating others that are trying to make something happen this May, too. Make sure you subscribe to get updates and let me know in the comments what your goals are this month!

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Thank you for subscribing - check your inbox for updates soon!

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