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Receiving a critique on your work can either be the most terrifying or rewarding experience. I have had both good and bad critiques on my work; the one thing these evaluations have in common is providing strength. While we all hope to get positive feedback on our creations, that’s not always the case. It’s inevitable that someone won’t like what you have done. The best way to explain this experience is through a burger analogy. Yes, a burger.

Let’s say that I want the most delectable burger that you can make. You spend the time prepping the meat and seasoning it. You sauté onions and slowly melt the cheese. Then you top it off with a sauce that makes your mouth water. It is the best burger you have ever made to date and you can’t wait to share it with me. But, I don’t like it. I’m not too fond of the seasoning and the scent of it makes me nauseous. All I really wanted was a Big Mac.The Burger Critique - How to grow and become stronger from negative critiquesYour best creations will not always impress people. The way you like to prepare and present things won’t appeal to everyone. This is when you will receive negative feedback. It can seriously break you (if you let it). The trick is to look for the positive in the situation. Yes, you made me a burger that I disliked, but now you know what I enjoy. If I don’t like the Big Mac you make me either, maybe it’s time you stop trying to feed me burgers. You can have all the talent in the world but it’s where you choose to execute your capabilities that really matters.

Don’t settle for a continuous string of negative critiques. If you are working your hardest and you don’t feel that you are making any improvement, it’s time to start executing your talents elsewhere. Show the world how strong you’ve become from all of the feedback you have received. It is all preparing you for something much greater in life!

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