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This past month was extremely busy; between freelancing and working on my greeting card (and binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy) I was only able to read 4 books. Last month, I wrote my first collective book review and really enjoyed the reflection. I’m excited to share my critiques this month because it includes a friend’s self-publication and one of my new favorite books.

All reviews are based on a 5 star rating and NEVER contain any spoilers or summaries.

Shiver by Jurien HugginsI was really looking forward to reading Shiver: A Book of Poetry by Jurien Huggins this month. To be honest, I haven’t been the biggest fan of poetry in the past, but was eager to support the author who I’ve known for a little over four years. I was not expecting to feel anything, but as I began reading I had an overwhelming wave of nostalgia and emotions take over. Jurien has certainly written a collection of heartbreakingly beautiful poems. Upon finishing, I was left feeling inspired and had the desire to read through the book a second time. Any book that can get a reaction out of me like Shiver has, deserves 5 stars; I highly recommend supporting this multi-talented artist by reading his book!

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg is a book obviously targeted towards a younger age group that is struggling with their social status. I think it’s great that this story hits upon the issue of being yourself when there is so much pressure in today’s society to be someone else. What I don’t like is that Zoe “wrote” a book just because every other well-known Youtuber received a book deal at the same exact time. It’s public knowledge that the majority of Girl Online was written by a ghost writer, which is thoroughly disappointing. If Zoe wasn’t ready to write and publish a book, she shouldn’t have. Even with the help of another author, the writing was mediocre at best and the storyline didn’t pick up until half-way in. I gave 3 stars to Girl Online due to the discussion of important adolescent issues, but young teens are the only people who I’d recommend this to.

I Hate Everyone...Starting With Me by Joan RiversI had no idea Joan Rivers wrote I Hate Everyone…Starting with Me until she sadly passed away. Frankly, the only thing I knew about Joan was that my mother watched her every Friday on Fashion Police. When I started this book I was in need of some comic relief, but I had no idea how many laugh-out-loud moments I’d actually get. I hadn’t read through the first page when I thought “FINALLY, someone who understands me!” Joan’s wild, honest sense of humor made this book more enjoyable than I ever imagined. I Hate Everyone…Starting with Me deserves 5 stars; I can’t recommend this witty, profane book enough, just as long as you are not easily offended.

I won If You Stay by Courtney Cole in a Goodreads giveaway which was the only reason I cared to read it. After reading the first chapter, I immediately put the book on hold because the subject didn’t interest me. After picking it back up, I quickly read through and thought the overall story was not bad. However, I feel like I’ve heard this plot-line before; a damaged childhood due to the man’s mother, the man thinking the woman should stay away because he’s not good for her, and an unrealistic fast-paced relationship. Oh, that’s right, Fifty Shades of Grey had that plot-line too. Because of the unoriginality, If You Stay only received 3 stars, but if you’re looking for an easy read I’d recommend it.

I hope I was able to interest you in a couple books from this monthly review; if you’ve read any of the above, I’d love to hear your thoughts! To see what I’m currently reading or other books I’ve read and reviewed, find me on Goodreads which I am constantly updating.

Are there any books you’ve recently read and loved? Share in the comments, I’m always looking for a good book to read!

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