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This past weekend we turned the clocks back and even though we “gained” an extra hour of sleep, it can still be difficult to fall back into our normal sleep schedules. As someone who struggles to doze off most nights, I’ve tried just about every sleep aid on the market. To help you get the beauty sleep you deserve, I’ve compiled my top 3 sleep aids – you should be back into your routine in no time!

3 Sleep Aids for a Restful Night - Olly Melatonin Vitamin Gummies

1. Olly Restful Sleep Vitamin Gummies

This is by far my favorite sleep aid because it is the quickest to consume and extremely effective. The label recommends you take two blackberry flavored gummies half an hour before you plan on going to sleep. Olly’s Restful Sleep Vitamin Gummies include chamomile and lemon balm extract which help your entire body relax. Even with my odd sleeping habits, I only need to take one gummy and my mind is calm within thirty minutes. The next morning I always wake up energized and ready to go!

3 Sleep Aids for a Restful Night - NueroSleep Drink

2. NeuroSleep Drink

This 14.5 fl oz. drink was created to help you get a full night’s rest without feeling groggy the next morning. NeuroSleep works really well, so much that I only need to drink half the bottle and I’m dozing off within thirty minutes. There are three delicious flavors to choose from, but my favorite is Tangerine Dream. The only downfall to this product is that you’ll probably wake up shortly after you fall asleep to use the bathroom. After all, you’re supposed to stop drinking liquids two hours prior to bedtime!

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3. Yogi Honey Lavender Tea & A Good Book

Tea is the most natural (and delicious) way to help your body relax. My favorite variety is Yogi’s Honey Lavender tea and can be consumed about an hour before bedtime. Once you’re nice and calm from the soothing lavender, I recommend staying away from any electronics and picking up a good book. When you focus on the words, your eyes will eventually become tired and soon enough you’ll fall asleep with the book still in your hands.

Traditional sleep aids, like ZzzQuil, certainly help you doze off but leave you extremely groggy the next morning. While the highly marketed products may be the easiest to find, they’re just not worth it. Getting a good night’s sleep tonight means a more productive day tomorrow, so try one of these suggestions and rest up!

Do you have any tricks to help you fall asleep? Share in the comments!

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