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With only one week of October left, life is about to get pretty hectic as we begin preparing for the holidays. Before the craziness begins, I encourage you to take a mental break this weekend. Clear out some time on your schedule to disconnect from the world and enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about the projects you need to work on, the e-mails you need to reply to, or planning next week’s activities. It’s important to take time to recharge and live in the moment. Lucky for you, there are plenty of Fall activities to help you do just that!

No Worries Weekend - Relax this weekend with Fall fun like visiting a pumpkin patch, admiring the foliage, and carving a jack-o-lantern

The weather in New England seems to be in a perfect flux right now, not too warm and not too cold. No matter where you are, bundle up and get out there! This will be the last weekend you can pick apples and pumpkins, so if you haven’t gotten the chance to do that yet I highly suggest it. Other ideas are taking long walks to admire the foliage, going on hayrides, or finding local festivals. In Rhode Island there seems to be a different festival each week and there’s still the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular to go to!

If the weather doesn’t look too good in your area, there are still plenty of things you can do indoors (and they’re much more relaxing). You can get ready for Halloween by carving pumpkins and watching a movie – you have to watch Hocus Pocus at least once! Or you can bake with Fall flavors, cuddle up with a mystery book, and warm up with your drink of choice!

No Worries Weekend - List of Fall Fun Activities to live in the moment

Whether you recharge with a Fall activity or not, the important thing is to take a break and enjoy your time off. Afterwards you will feel re-energized and ready to tackle your to-do’s! If you try to get in touch this weekend I’ll be busy lighting a candle, finishing my book, and carving our jack-o-lanterns!

How do you plan on spending your weekend? Share in the comments!


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