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This past Summer, my schedule seemed to be all over the place which left me extremely frazzled. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and forget things when we have busy schedules. What saved me from having a breakdown and kept me organized was a very basic, time saving tool: to-do lists.

This isn’t a new idea, we all know how to create a list and understand that it helps us remember our tasks. I myself have been writing to-do lists for at least 9 years and I’d like to think I’ve mastered them by now. Creating to-do lists can be extremely powerful tools if the basic tips below are applied.


Habitual Listing

I’ve found creating a daily to-do list every morning is most effective for higher productivity. When you start your day by writing out your tasks you will know exactly what to focus your energy on, leaving you stress-free. You will additionally be able to plan your day accordingly which helps get each task done. By making a habit of morning to-do lists you’ll not only work more efficiently, but also have much more time for other activities.

Tangible Tasks

Be mindful of the tasks you set to accomplish each day, you want every goal to be something tangible. Rather than writing “start working out” make the task something more specific that you know you will do, such as “go for a 30 minute walk after dinner”. The more detailed the task, the less likely it will be that it gets lost in the craziness of the day.


Some days there is much more to do than others and you may still feel overwhelmed even after writing your daily list. This is why prioritizing is so important. Listing your tasks in chronological order based on deadlines is extremely helpful on busy days. Still stressed? Try covering up any tasks that are not top priority with a sticky note. Seeing a visually shorter to-do list can really help keep you focused on the specific task at hand.


Visualizing your daily to-do’s certainly helps with productivity, but seeing each task you complete really empowers you. Each item you check off can boost your self-confidence and the more you get done the more positive your day will feel. If simply crossing off your completed goals doesn’t help you strive to accomplish your tasks, try rewarding yourself. Maybe after calling back your client you can make yourself a cup of tea. Giving yourself incentives is especially beneficial on lazy days!


To-do lists may seem extremely basic but can be powerful tools when used to their full potential. Whether you currently write out daily tasks or not, I hope these collective tips are able to help you get through your day!

How do you stay organized when life gets busy? Share in the comments!

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