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Happy Monday! I am especially excited this morning because it finally feels like Spring in New England! (For now.) As you may have gathered from last week’s post, wedding planning has been taking up all of my free time. Between doing extensive vendor research and touring venues it’s been pretty difficult to unwind. One thing that has kept me sane during this stressful time is lighting a candle every night to create a relaxing ambiance. For the past month, I’ve been burning fresh bakery scents that are the epitome of what Spring should smell like!

I’ve been testing out more scents than usual lately. A few being Blueberries & Cream, Lemon & Sugar, and Jelly Beans. While these were fairly enjoyable fragrances, they didn’t really catch my attention like the following three did.

The Scent of Spring | Lavender Macaron from Bath & Body Works

Lavender Macaron

When I initially heard about this candle, I knew I had to have it. It combines the scent of soothing lavender with my favorite french cookie. What more could I ask for? However, I unfortunately don’t smell any lavender because there is a strong bakery note which overpowers anything else. To me, this candle smells like a sweet bakery version of Black Currant Vanilla. It is definitely not what I was expecting, but turned out to still be absolutely amazing.

Fragrance Appeal – 9 | Throw – 8 | Burn Life – 8

The Scent of Spring | Mocha Latte Swirl from Bath & Body Works

Mocha Latte Swirl

I’m a big fan of coffee scents, they almost offer a placebo effect. You smell the energizing aroma of freshly brewed coffee and it wakes you right up. This formula has to be my favorite coffee fragrance to date. First, you get a whiff of bitter espresso. Then, a mix of creamy caramel and cocoa rounds out the scent. It’s wonderfully sweet and I can’t imagine my weekend morning’s without it burning!

Fragrance Appeal – 10 | Throw – 9 | Burn Life – 8

The Scent of Spring | Pink Velvet from Scentsationals

Pink Velvet

This particular fragrance is only sold in wax cube form and can be found at Wal-Mart. I barely have words for how amazing this smells. It’s an extremely sugary scent; mainly vanilla with an undertone of citrus. But, you also get this delicious bakery note at the base which is to die for. In the simplest of terms, Pink Velvet smells like candy. If you are familiar with Bath & Body Work’s newly retired body fragrance, Velvet Sugar, it’s a spot on dupe for your home.

Fragrance Appeal – 10 | Throw – 7

In my opinion, these three fragrances are perfect for transitioning between the seasons. I highly recommend giving them a try, especially while they’re still in stock! It seems like many Spring candles are selling out quickly online and are being replaced with Summer scents earlier than usual. So, keep your eyes out in stores and try them before they’re gone!

What are your favorite Spring scents? Share in the comments!

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