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I have a confession to make; I am a candle fanatic. In the past I’ve recommended seasonal scents a few times, but I’ve never expressed how much I’m into burning. This year you can definitely expect to see many more candle posts and I’m kicking off the “series” with an all-time favorite, Ski Lodge from Bath & Body Works.

After the holidays it’s always hard to choose what scents to burn. You don’t want to smell anything that reminds you of Christmas any longer but you don’t always want to hop right into Spring fragrances either. I’ve found the best candles to burn during this cooler time of year are either bakery or woodsy scents. Ski Lodge definitely falls into the “woodsy” category.

Turn Your Home Into a Ski Lodge | Ski Lodge Candle Review |

Fragrance Appeal – 9 | Throw – 10 | Burn Life – 10

You know during the winter months, when you’re outside and get whiffs of distant fireplaces burning? This candle provides those same woodsy notes but also mixes in some hints of vanilla and evergreen trees. The blend smells just as I imagine a ski lodge would making your home a warm, cozy environment for these cooler months. This fragrance threw throughout my entire home which was a welcome surprise and had no issues pooling.

Ski Lodge was originally released back in winter 2014 but I didn’t fall in love with it until this past December. It was re-released in 2015 as Swiss Alps but didn’t smell anything like the original. Luckily, during Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sale last month, the original candle made a surprise re-appearance and I was sure to stock up. For those of you who never got the chance to get your hands on this scent and are concerned (like myself) that it won’t come back in stores for 2016, don’t worry! I’ve found another company who has created a fragrance that is almost identical in my opinion. It is called Autumn Winds from Kringle Candle and seems to be sold all year round. There is a hint of a floral note but if you’re still undecided about the scent, order the small wax melt and give it a try!

Turn Your Home Into a Ski Lodge | Ski Lodge Candle Dupe |

It’s amazing how a single candle can create a whole new environment within your home, which is why I am such a fanatic. Living in an apartment building isn’t all that glamorous, but when it’s snowing outside and I illuminate my space with Ski Lodge from Bath & Body Works, it truly transports me into a cozy log cabin.

What is your favorite candle to burn this time of year? Share in the comments!

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