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Decorating your home for Autumn doesn’t always have to be a daunting, pricey task. I have several affordable fall decorations that will inspire you to get crafty, while making your home warm and welcoming for the season.

In our apartment, we have a breakfast bar that looks into the kitchen. I always find a way to spruce up this counter space no matter what time of the year it is.

Breakfast Bar Affordable Fall Decorations

What I’ve done for fall is very simple, but adds the traditional fall colors into our living space with the faux foliage. This ceramic pumpkin also acts as a candy dish where we can grab a quick snack. I found my artificial leaves at Hobby Lobby and used them with other decorations as well. The pumpkin dish was thrifted. All together this cost me $7.00 and I will be able to use it for years!

Every year I always try to add one new thing to my collection (usually from Christmas Tree Shop), that way I have more variety and can switch up how I decorate in the future. Below you can see how I chose to style one of my shelves with knick-knacks; this typically does not cost me anything since I already have everything on hand.

Styled Shelf Affordable Fall Decorations

I did make the pumpkin “flower pot” myself. If you would like to see a tutorial, let me know in the comments! This decoration is completely artificial and cost about $10.00 to make. Another item that I’ll be able to use for years to come.

Another great way to decorate for autumn is with candles (like above). Not only do they add a pop of color to any room, but they smell delicious too! Find out what my top 5 candle scents for the season are here.

Fall Chalkboard Typography

If you have a chalkboard, it’s always fun to draw something for the season! The best part about this is that it’s FREE and can be as messy as you want it to be. If you don’t already have a chalkboard on hand, make one like I did for $8.00! If you would like to see a tutorial, let me know in the comments!

One of the best budget friendly ideas is looking online for freebies! Many blogs create instant downloads so you can decorate for free around the holidays. The Born Creative blog has also hopped on that band-wagon and designed a free typography print for you! Click here to learn how to download.

Fall Pumpkin Hand-drawn Typography

As you can see, there are plenty affordable fall decorations out there! Get creative, use items you already have on hand and pair them with thrift finds or cheap knick-knacks. Start small and build up a collection, then every year challenge yourself to style your decorations in a new way! Constantly look on blogs for free printables and don’t be afraid to DIY!

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