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Decorating your home is one of the best ways to let your creativity run wild, especially around the holidays! Over the past several years I have found that no matter how long I browse through Pinterest and other blogs, I still seem to decorate in my own unique way. We all have our own distinct style and I find this to be so inspiring. One of my favorite bloggers, Jenn from Yours Truly Jenn, has such a beautiful approach to interior design and I’m honored to be collaborating with her today! Jenn and I have picked up the same decor item and showcased two different ways you can style it.

Wooden Plaid Target Tray Filled 2 Different Ways

Target has such a wide variety of decor items that are extremely affordable. Since Jenn and I have a pretty similar aesthetic, we chose to decorate this rustic wooden tray. (It’s on sale right now!) My favorite part about this 12″x12” tray is that the base is a mirror which reflects anything placed on top of it, creating the illusion of a more full display. It also has a plaid pattern etched onto the mirror which offers a bit more detail in any empty spaces. I have a very simplistic decorating style so I knew these features would certainly play into my favor. So, I surveyed my holiday knick knacks and began exploring arrangements.

Wooden Holiday Trays filled 2 Different Ways - Step by Step Decorating

At this time, I was simultaneously decorating my Christmas tree and had a good amount of generic red and gold bulbs leftover. I decided to place these in a tall glass cylinder from Hobby Lobby and use this as my focal point within the tray. The next item I knew I had to include was a candle since I have so many amazing Winter scents in my collection. I grabbed my red Peppermint Marshmallow candle to continue with the color scheme. To bring the look together, I added a thrifted reindeer figurine that provided a nice pop of gold. I thought about adding a few more elements but ultimately was drawn to the simplicity of the display.

Wooden Holiday Trays filled 2 Different Ways

While I’ve gravitated towards a red and gold themed centerpiece, Jenn has created a gorgeous detailed display that I absolutely adore. Hop on over to her blog to see how she arranged the same wooden tray!

As you can see from our two holiday tray displays, one decoration can easily be used in many different ways. The trick is finding the right elements and putting them together in a way that reflects your own style. Experiment, use your imagination, and most importantly have fun with it!

What is your favorite holiday decoration? Share in the comments!

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